Customer Service
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Samsung A157 Unlocked phone is not Unlocked what should i do?
How many minutes come with the SIM card?
Can i top up with U.S Debit or Credit cards on their website?
Is your office opens on Sat, Sun, Public Holidays ?
How much does it cost to access the voicemail?
My internet is not working what do i do?
Can I use multiple SIM cards with my phone?
Why hasnít my order arrived yet?
How long does shipping take?
I have not used my mobile for a while and it has stopped working. Why is this?
How much does it cost to contact customer service?
How is reception on the local prepaid SIM card?
What if this SIM card isnít right SIM for me?
Why do you need my passport detail to activate my SIM card?
Can I use my USA phone number with this SIM?
I donít have credit card how can I top up?
What are the calling rates on this SIM card?
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